is a FREE resource for those looking to rent a house, apartment, mobile home, or business space easily in your target area while ensuring our RentLOCAL Hopkins County Rental Association Members have good renters who pay their bills on time.


Bad renters cost you thousands of dollars plus lost time and court costs. Membership in the RentLOCAL Hopkins County Rental Association is affordable at $20/monthly and helps you avoid these issues by sharing information.  

- SEARCH Renter Reviews, Local members have had good and bad renters.  Take advantage of their experiences and check our collection of Rental Reviews & Applications "before" you rent next time.  (Includes:  Where they rented?  Who they rented from?  How long were they there? How was the property when they left? Do they owe their previous landlord any money?)
- PUBLISH Renter Reviews, Add the information and photos of your past rental property experience "including" any debt the renter owes you for damages or court costs.  Our membership will not rent to bad renters who have existing debt to other members.  This provides incentive for those bad renters to redeem themselves and thus have you update their review to show their payments.
- RENT PROPERTY FAST, Any rental application is sent directly to all RentLOCAL members upon submission.

Enjoy the site and contact us with any suggestions.

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