Questions you should ask "before" renting?

Before you rent a property do you need to ask the landlord questions?  YES 

Not only do you need to know rental fees, deposits, are pets allowed, you also need to know the crime rate for the property, what school district, maintenance measures for repairs, and a multitude of other questions.  Below is a basic checklist  for your convenience.

Basic Information
# of Bedrooms _______# of Bathrooms _______ sq. ft _______
How many people may live in the apartment or home? _______
Rent _______Are utilities included?___If yes, which ones? ________________
When is rent due? _________Where is it to be paid? __________________
Are there late fees?___If yes, how much? ___________
What is the length of the lease? _____________________
Are the lease terms flexible? ___________________
What are the penalties for breaking a lease? __________________________
How much is the security deposit? _________
When must it be paid? _________When will you get it back? ____________
Where will it be held? __________Will you earn interest on it? ___________
How often are security deposits withheld? _________
For what reasons? __________________________________________
Can you sublet a room (i.e. roommate)? _____If yes, on what conditions? ____________
Do you have any other properties I may be interested in given my needs? ____________

Property Questions
Is there an on-site manager?_______
Do you offer 24-hour emergency maintenance?_______ 
Who do you use for maintenance? _________________
What security measures are in place? ____________________________________
What is the crime rate in this area? ___________________
Has this rental property had any criminal activity either on the property or affected by the property? ________
Are pets welcome?____If yes, are any types/breeds banned? ________________
Are there laundry facilities on-site?____if yes, is there a fee? ________________
Is the rental property handicapped-accessible?____
What issues have you had with the rental property in the last 24 months, such as mildew, rodents, electrical, plumbing, water runoff, sewer, or other? _____________________________________________________
Are you fully covered by insurance? ___________
In case of a total emergency requiring the need for me to either vacate for repairs to the property or to end the lease, will my costs be covered? _______  Details_______________________________________________

What is the school district for my children for this rental location?
Elementary_______Middle School______High School_________
What are nearby parks, programs?________________________
If this is an apartment, commercial space, or mobile home rental, where is the parking and how many spaces are available for your use? ______________  Are there any parking fees? ______If so, amount? _______


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