RentLocal Saved Me Hundreds

When the RentLocal Rental Association started here in Hopkins County I was the first one to join. I searched the renter reviews and it literally saved me hundreds of dollars when I discovered my potential renter had bad reviews from another rental association member.  Thank you RentLocal.

The individual who wanted to rent a property was listed in the Rental Reviews and had very bad reviews from one of my family members who joined RentLocal as well costing him alot of time and money.  I did not remember the name and neither did he when I asked him, however after looking at the Rental Reviews I discovered exactly how they paid their rent, what they still owed, how the property was kept during their rental and when they left what the damages were.  It was a close call and one I did not expect given the fact that I had asked the very person that had put in the bad review.  With as many rental properties as we have and the many ways the process can go wrong I suggest you join RentLOCAL and double check their referrals.

The $20 month cost for joining the Hopkins County RentalLocal Rental Association is worth every penny. I highly recommend joining.  - Tommy Thompson, Thompson Rentals in Hopkins County Kentucky.


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