How to Rent a Slow Moving Property

RentLocal Hopkins County, KY:  How do you find a great renter for your rental property?   Finding renters can feel impossible at times. But even though it seems like your community is frozen in place, people do still need to move, and here are some ideas to utilize to help some of them become your tenants.

Rental Specials   it is always a great idea to provide an incentive to get your rental property leased by a "good" tenant by implementing specials that lower move-in costs or offer a first-month rent for free.

Lower the Price  Pricing for the market is the smartest way to rent your property. Even if you the thought of lowering your monthly rental price for a unit is a concern, think how much more you’d lose with no resident in the unit at all.

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15 Common Renter's Rights

RentLOCAL Hopkins County, KY:  15 common renters' rights  Here are a sample of rights likely to be addressed in the Kentucky landlord-tenant law which are set to protect both the rental property owner and the tenant who resides there. 

The first of which is that the Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to deny housing to a tenant on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, disability, family status, or national origin.

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The truth about renting property

RentLOCAL Hopkins County, KY:  It doesn't take much to turn an ordinary homeowner into a landlord. Maybe you have to move but want to keep your home and rent it out. Or you have a change of fortune -- you get married, receive an inheritance or buy a new house before you unload the old one.  While many people would love to have an extra house to worry about, owning even one rental property can be a headache. You have to tease the problem apart and ask yourself, among other things:

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