Shiloh Apartments $374/month

This Apartment Rental is available to rent in with 2 bedrooms and 0 bathrooms for $374/mo) with a $000 deposit and the property is located at Shiloh Apartments Madisonville KY 42431.

The rental property will be available with 1 references required and 0 days notice to the rental property owner before moving to earn their referral. The property is sq ft in size and includes the following:

  • Utilites
  • Stove
  • Fridgerator

Pets are not allowed.  Repairs will be paid by Landlord.
Details: Rental Property Maintenance and Repairs Includes the following provided by the rental property owner: Alarms

Details and description on the property for rent include:
Square Feet:
Each property has the necessary number of smoke alarms with batteries tested in working order. Renter to test & replace batteries once each year.

The landlord certifies the property listed above meets the zoning & regulation requirements of their local juristiction.
Fill out Rental Application, mention the street address for the area preference

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